Food Cart Fest Take Two


As disappointed as we were last time, we decided to give the Food Cart Fest a second chance because Le Tigre announced on twitter that they would be there, along with my mom’s favourite, Vij’s Railway Express. I had one goal and that was to try Le Tigre’s pork belly rice bowl (it’s actually called a “kick ass rice bowl”). And on Sunday, my goal was realized. It was one of the best things I’d ever had: Japanese sushi rice cooked in sake, dashi, and butter topped with a perfectly cooked poached egg, thai chillies, thai basil, and what tasted like a spicy mayo. The pork belly was flavoured really well and just melted in your mouth, but the rice really was the best part. My dad had the same thing, and also enjoyed it a lot. If the line-up wasn’t so long I would have had another bowl. It was perfect with the coconut water slush they were serving up at the drink tent.


My mom had the halibut cheeks from Vij’s Railway Express – seared halibut cheeks in a coconut masala sauce – and she hasn’t stopped talking about it. Vij’s truck was also doing a mango & keffir lime drink, two flavours we love, so we decided to try it as well. I wish we had not. It was too sweet, weirdly fizzy, and just yuck. My brother had the jerk chicken roti from the Reef Runner, as well as a giant snow cone. I think my mom and I ate most of his snow cone.


And not to be left out of all the gastronomic fun, this little one tried a piece of pork belly, rice, and some coconut slush. Even those of us on strict diets need to let loose sometimes.

Food Cart Fest
215 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver BC


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