Celebrating Strawberries


Much like the peony season, strawberry season in Ontario is a quick one, and it’s over before you know it. All the more reason – in my opinion – to take full advantage of the little red berries when they’re at their ripest, sweetest and juiciest. And when it comes to celebrating the strawberry, no one does it quite like Roselle Desserts, a little patisserie just steps from Toronto’s Distillery district.

Beginning in June, Roselle showcased the strawberry in a number of desserts, including a strawberry millefeuille, strawberry shortcake soft-serve, and my particular favourite, the strawberry pavlova.


On a warm Toronto evening, there really isn’t anything better than to cool down with a refreshing (yet decadent) sweet cream soft-serve, topped with a vanilla crème anglaise, the ripest strawberries and a cookie crumble reminiscent of a shortcake. And I can think of no better way to satisfy a Friday evening dessert craving than by breaking into the marshmallow center of a crisp meringue dome sitting on crème anglaise, and topped with whipped cream and all the strawberries.

Until next year.

Roselle Desserts
362 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario

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