Chocolate Milk


Chocolate milk was something I never liked until my last year of college, when I found myself doing a lot of studying at the Blenz near UBC. Not a coffee drinker, I would typically get a dark soy hot chocolate or white tea. On one particularly warm day, however, I decided to try an iced chocolate, and from then on was addicted. But then that Blenz closed down, and it was the only location that would make me a soy dark iced chocolate – other places would just say that the iced chocolate only came in a pre-made milk chocolate blend. If I’m going to have a creamy milk and chocolate concoction on a warm day, it can’t be sweet milk chocolate. The nice lady at Blenz had shown me exactly how to make it – it’s basically just chocolate that’s melted and blended with milk. I make it at home sometimes, but somehow it just tastes better when someone else makes it for you, which is why I’m so glad to have come across Chocolate Arts’ “homemade chocolate milk.” It comes in semi-sweet (my particular favourite) and 70% dark chocolate. Even though Chocolate Arts doesn’t use soy milk for either, both are surprisingly light and perfect for summer (especially when served over ice) – not overly sweet and heavy like the iced milk chocolate at Blenz. In the past week, I’ve been back to Chocolate Arts three times for chocolate milk.


Chocolate Arts
1620 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver BC

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