Ballet & a Box of Donuts


I don’t have much time for TV anymore, but when I do, I always, always, always need to have a snack. At 9pm, I’m freshly showered, in my pajamas, and on the couch with the A/C cranked all the way up – Stella and I are beginning to wind down (although we usually won’t actually call it a night ’til about 12), and all I want is a basic snack to go with my TV show. Sometimes it’s salt & vinegar Kettle Chips or pretzels & cookie butter, Angie’s popcorn or leftover cheesecake. But I’d have to say my favourite is a box of basic grocery store donuts, particularly chocolate glazed with sprinkles and strawberry-jelly-filled. At 9pm the last thing I want is something complicated.

Last night was a good night: Breaking Pointe (a show that follows a few ballet dancers at Ballet West) started up again for the summer and I had bought a box of grocery store donuts earlier that day. My mom and I sat on the couch, Stella snoring away between us, and shared the box of donuts. I think because my mom and I both experienced the pain and beauty of pointe work first hand, we can appreciate and enjoy the show that much more. It was a good end to the day.

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