I think gumbo is one of the best dishes out there (even better if there are beignets for dessert), and if I could, I would take a trip down to Louisiana right now for a bowl. Gumbo is a dish we don’t make at home often, just because it’s a bit of a process – there are a few different vegetables (onions, garlic, bell peppers, celery, okra) that need to be chopped and sliced, chicken and sausage (chorizo because I don’t like andouille) that need to be sliced and browned, shrimp that need to be shelled, a roux that can’t be left alone, and once all the ingredients are mixed, a pot that needs to simmer for at least an hour. We knew today was going to be a bit of an open day, so we decided to make gumbo. We chopped and sliced all the vegetables last night and stored them in the fridge, so all we had to do today was make the roux and cook everything. And to save even more time, we used the white meat of our favourite rotisserie chicken. We use a pretty foolproof Paula Deen recipe; its turned out well every time we’ve used it, so far.

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