Shopping, Pidgin & a Movie


After taking Stella to the park yesterday, my friend Christina and I met up downtown for three of our favourite activities: shopping, dinner, and a movie.

Our first stop was Sephora – always a dangerous place for me, but not nearly as bad as my favourite store, Aritzia. I’d say 98% of my wardrobe is made up of their house brands, especially one called Wilfred Free, which is a line of comfy t-shirts, pants, sweaters and jackets that I can wear oversized without looking sloppy. Kiehl’s was another one of our stops. I’ve been doing a little too much shopping lately, but I justify all my purchases with “I need it for school.” It’s partly true, there’s not an Aritzia or Kiehl’s or Sephora where I’m headed.

We stopped for a mid-shopping break at Cafe Artigiano, where Christina had a dark chocolate mocha freeze and a scone. Not being a coffee drinker myself (and not particularly craving iced tea), I had a bottle of water and a lemon ricotta muffin. I love almost anything with ricotta – along with burratta, piave, and parmegiano reggiano, it’s one my favourites.


After doing a little more shopping, we still weren’t ready for dinner so we walked along the waterfront before finally heading over to Pidgin. I’d been wanting to try Pidgin for awhile now, and last night I was finally able to cross it off my list. It was a bit of a rushed dinner – we sat down at 6pm, with movie to catch at 7. I ordered a “Hannya” which had gin, sauvignon blanc, lemon thyme, and what was particularly intriguing – cinnamon smoke. It was a little on the sweet side, but light and perfect for the hot day. Christina had “the Deighton” which had scotch, port, and raspberry cranberry pepper, also very intruiging. We shared the shishito peppers, I had the pork belly rice bowl, and Christina had the vadouvan lamb belly. Since trying Le Tigre’s pork belly rice bowl (which I wrote about here), I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Pidgin’s was a lot lighter, and the pork belly itself, I thought, had a deeper flavour. And the best part was the asian pear kimchi – the sweetness of the pear and the sharpness of the kimchi spice was an amazing combination, and lent a much-needed contrast to the rich pork belly. It was a great dinner, and I will definitely be back, especially because we didn’t have time for dessert.


After dinner, we rushed over to the theatre and sat down with our friends (who thankfully saved us seats) with a minute to spare. We went from a grown-up dinner to a kid’s movie: Despicable Me 2. I love Agnes. And if in the future we are lucky enough to bring home a sister for Stella, I want to name her Agnes.

350 Carrall Street
Vancouver BC

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