A Week of Donuts


I’ve been on a bit of a donut kick lately, a kick which culminated, today, in a box of Krispy Kremes. It all started with a vanilla dip (with sprinkles, of course) from Tim Horton’s while waiting for my brother to get out of school, and things sort of snowballed from there. A coffee date at 49th Parallel with a Lucky’s cruller, a box of sour cream glazed TimBits, a couple of earl grey Cartem’s on a Woodland Smokehouse sandwich run…and just when I thought I was about done, my brother came home with a box of Vancouver’s version of the phenomenon that is the cronut.


In Vancouver, they call them “frissants” (half fritter, half donut) and are made by the Swiss Bakery at 3rd & Main. They come filled with either a vanilla bean or chocolate custard, and are covered in cinnamon-sugar. Last night, at the Taylor Swift concert (which was all sorts of amazing), we could not resist a bag each of mini donuts – something about the grease and cinnamon-sugar – and today, Krispy Kremes. Just so we’re clear though, this stream of donuts was punctuated with some healthy: kale and quinoa and a whole lot of lycopene and B vitamins in the form of cold-pressed watermelon juice.

Swiss Bakery
143 East 3rd Avenue
Vancouver BC

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