Ice Cream Sandwiches Take 3: Beaucoup


Continuing on with our sampling of Vancouver’s ice cream sandwiches this summer, we stopped at Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe over the weekend to try theirs. Beaucoup partnered with Sunday Morning Ice Cream, a local small-batch ice cream company, to create two sandwiches: spicy peanut butter and lavender earl grey. The former was a spicy peanut butter ice cream sandwiched between Beaucoup’s extremely buttery peanut butter cookies, and the latter a lavender earl grey ice cream between two lovely macarons. Peanut butter is not necessarily my go-to flavour, but neither is lavender earl grey. I just had to try it all.

I really wanted to like the lavender earl grey sandwich, but I found the flavour combination to be too perfume-y for my liking. I thought the macarons were fantastic though, and especially liked the great chew they took on after being frozen – it was a nice contrast against the smooth ice cream. The spicy PB sandwich was definitely the richer of the two, and was creamy and buttery without being overwhelming because of the chili in the ice cream. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up liking it. Actually, in hindsight, not that surprised because I do eat hot dogs with peanut butter and Sriracha.

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