Food Cart Fest ’13

This past Sunday, I went to Vancouver’s Food Cart Fest with my family and some friends. It was a little drizzly and chaotic (parking was nearly impossible because it was also Dragon Boat weekend), but we finally got in and began to check out each cart’s menu. There was a good variety of carts, from grilled cheese at Taser’s to chicken & waffles at Yolk’s, crazy hot dogs at Dougie’s and crepes at Ze Bite. I’ll be honest though, it was a little disappointing because the food trucks my mom and I were most excited about, namely Le Tigre, The Reef Runner, and Guanaco, were not there that day (the event is running every Sunday until September 22nd). We were seriously craving some beet fries and braised pork belly, jerk chicken, and pupusas, but we were happy enough with the oyster po’boy (Kaboom Box) and perogies (Holy Perogy) we had instead. We chose the “Italian perogies”, which instead of the typical caramelized onions and sour cream topping, had tomatos, parmesan (or pecorino?), and a garlic cream sauce. Perogies aren’t something I would typically get from a food truck, but Stella was getting antsy, and it turned out to be a not-so-bad choice.



Others had chicken karaage (Mogu), beignets (Yolk’s), fish tacos (Tacofino), fish & chips (Kaboom Box), butter chicken wraps (Soho Road), and seemed pretty happy as well. The Juice Truck (cold-pressed juices and smoothies) was there, and didn’t disappoint with their strawberry-coconut smoothies and aloe green juice. We also tried popsicles from Johnny’s Pops: creamy strawberry lemonade for me, and strawberry-rhubarb for my mom, which were quite good. You could tell he only uses the freshest ingredients; next time I want to try blueberry mojito and avocado.


I liked that the event was dog-friendly, but was definitely not pleased that my most anticipated food carts were not there. The ones that were there, apart from Soho Road and Holy Perogy, were ones that I typically grab lunch from during the week so they weren’t much fun. That said, it was still a good time with family and friends and our pups, and the food was still better and more creative than at a typical fast-food place. And we met a little baby English Bulldog. I’ll have to go back in a couple weeks, and keep my fingers crossed that Le Tigre is there.


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