Dumplings All Around


Every culture, east to west, north to south, seems to have its version of the dumpling. Sweet or savoury, made from potatoes or wheat, I haven’t yet been disappointed by any of its myriad forms. That I’ve tasted. And let me tell you, I’ve tasted a lot. The Chinese are well-known for their numerous combinations and permutations: wontons, xiaolongbao, the commonly-known “potsticker”, and the sweet tangyuan. The Japanese have gyoza, the Polish perogies, the Italians gnocchi and gnuddi, the Nepalese momo, and the Germans spaetzle, to name but a few. Then of course, there’s the all-American chicken & dumplings – a sort of chicken noodle soup deal, but with doughy dumplings in place of noodles. I have to say, though, my two favourites are the xiaolongbao and the perogy.


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