Christmas is Here


What would the holidays be without copious amounts of food, baking, and chaos? Without all that, it certainly wouldn’t be the same in the Alba household. I always complain about the stress of checking off that shopping list (lists if you’re an obsessive list-maker like me), hosting and attending Christmas lunches, brunches, and dinners, and making gift deliveries, but at the end of the day, I really do live for it. Christmas only comes once a year – chaos and all – so you might as well take a breath and enjoy every second of it!

This year, I really tried to make Stella a part of everything – from the baking and hosting, to the shopping and gift delivering. And actually, the part I thought would be the most difficult to share with Stella – shopping – turned out to be the easiest. Many of my favourite shops along Robson were very welcoming of Stella, as was The Bay downtown, which has gone through a pretty significant overhaul over the last little while. One floor has been transformed into a Topshop/Topman shop within a shop, and Stella and I had a blast there. And a couple days ago, my mom and some friends did some shopping at this place called Homesense – the location at Cambie & 8th is totally dog-friendly, so Stella and Charlie got to tag along on that shopping trip too.  Some South Granville shops were welcoming of dogs as well, as was the always lovely Holt Renfrew. Just be sure the puppy’s gone pee-pee beforehand!

Anyway, I hope you all are ready for Christmas! If you’re like me and still have some shopping to do, I recommend starting early (as soon as the mall opens), list in hand. Also, don’t forget to breathe.


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