We eat out a lot, so finding a few restaurants with dog-friendly patios and good-quality food became imperative. Vancouver actually has quite a few restaurants with patios…problem is, dogs can’t always be on the actual patio (some bylaw), and being tied outside does not always sit well with Stella. So that rules out some of my favourite places like Chill Winston. Anyway, we frequent Steveston quite a bit, and about a year ago we happened upon a cozy little Italian restaurant called Paesano’s, and it’s become a go-to spot for family dinners because Stella is very much part of the family – you couldn’t convince her otherwise.

We love it because they totally welcome dogs on their patio, and the food, while not outstanding or particularly creative, is always fresh, good-quality, and just yummy. Gnocchi and scallops pernod in particular are my favourites. It’s the kind of place to come to when you just want to be around family and friends, have some good quality food, and aren’t looking for a gastronomic adventure.


Paesano’s Italian Restaurant
250 – 12240 Second Avenue
Steveston, BC

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