B is for Brunch

Brunch has got to be one of my favourite meals. It’s the only time having hollandaise, bacon, waffles, eggs, and champagne in one meal is acceptable, even encouraged. Over the years, I’ve found a few spots that have become my favourites in Vancouver (and elsewhere, but we’ll save that for another post) – Burgoo and Café Medina top the list. And I might as well also mention Bubby’s Kitchen in Victoria…it’s close enough. But there’s one place that I fell in love with during my time as a UBC undergrad – Tomato (at Broadway & Bayswater) – which unfortunately closed down a little while ago. It was a sad day when they finally closed their doors, and on a day like today, I’m seriously missing their eggs benny and banana bread with cream cheese. It even had a patio that worked for Stella.

Café Medina
556 Beatty Street
Crosstown Vancouver

Burgoo (several locations)

Bubby’s Kitchen
355 Cook Street
Victoria, BC

Tomato Fresh Food Café (closed in 2011)

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