Medina Brunch

This morning my mom babysat Stella while I had a much-needed brunch with some of my favourites. Café Medina has been my go-to brunch spot for years, so I should’ve known that we’d be waiting awhile in rainy seven degree weather, yet somehow, I managed to show up in Keds and without a cup of tea to keep my hands warm. Forty-five minutes later we were finally seated (in the back room!), and I was seriously beside myself when my waffle (+ raspberry caramel) and Fricasse were served. Whenever I come for brunch, it’s always a toss-up between the Fricasse which is a cast iron skillet of braised short ribs, watercress, applewood cheddar, roasted potatoes and caramelized onions topped with two fried eggs, and La Santé which is a soft boiled egg served with prosciutto, avocado, and tomato. Today, given the weather, I chose the heartier of the two. Others had the Roti de Boeuf and the frittata, and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Café Medina is definitely a place you must try, if you haven’t already.


Café Medina
556 Beatty Street
Crosstown Vancouver

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