All the hearts & sugar

For a lot of us, Valentine’s Day takes place when the snow is at its thickest and the temperatures at their lowest, so it’s no wonder that all the pink and sweet and chocolate take us over the moon. My advice is to take advantage of the day – whether you’re in a relationship or not! Buy that box of truffles from Godiva, and indulge. Or those cupcakes, if you prefer. But don’t overdo it – beach season is just around the corner.


I’m a sucker for pretty, frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies. I love decorating them as much as I love eating them. But if you’re like me, and baking is not quite your forté, cookie-decorating kits are pretty readily available! They generally come with several perfectly baked cookies, icing already in piping bags, and pretty embellishments like heart-shaped sprinkles. This weekend I picked up one of Sweet Flour’s kits at Pusateri’s, and spent a snowy Sunday decorating. It’s pretty satisfying getting to see your own handiwork afterward.


I promised Adam I’d share…but they’re looking pretty irresistible right now…

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