True True on a Crisp Fall Day

After a hot and humid start to my life in Toronto, it’s finally feeling like fall. Leaves have started to turn, and there’s a chill in the air that hits you when you least expect it. I couldn’t be happier. After lunch at True True earlier today, we actually had to pit stop at home to grab sweaters before walking over to the grocery store. The pumpkins at the store were a welcome sight.

Thin crust, Neapolitan pizza is my favourite – there’s just something about the charred and blistered crust that I can’t get enough of. While not exactly Neapolitan, True True’s oval-ish thin-crust pizzas, Boylan sodas and bright ambiance were enough to draw me in.


I chose a pizza called the Donnie Brasco mostly because it had ricotta (which is tied with burratta for my favourite soft cheese) on it. It had other yummy things too including fennel sausage, chorizo and pickled red onions.  David had one called the Hunt & Peck: chorizo, spinach and a couple eggs. I love a light pizza bianco or margherita on a summer day, but ones topped with spicy sausage are perfect for the fall.

While not the best pizza we’d ever had, we agreed this was a place we’d come back to. A bottle of chili oil on the table is always a nice touch.

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