Butter Bakery & Cafe


My mom and I have been loyal customers of Butter Bakery & Cafe ever since it opened in 2007. My mom quickly fell in love with their perfect scones, I couldn’t get enough of their homemade Oreos, and when Stella came into our lives in February 2010, she quickly became frequent consumer of Butter’s buttercreams. Butter doesn’t follow trends; rather, it does traditional baking meticulously well – from the perfect balance of sweetness to the little raspberry gumdrops that top their raspberry cupcakes and the precise scalloped edges of their sugar cookies.


Butter has since moved from their Dunbar St. location to a larger space on Mackenzie St. It now has some outdoor seating that Stella would have loved. She would have also loved a bite of the empire cookies, apricot & white chocolate scones, cupcakes and cinnamon buns we picked up on a recent Butter run. It had been awhile since I’d paid Butter a visit, but everything tasted as good as I remembered.


Empire cookies are my favourite, and now that they’ve become part of Butter’s Sunday and afternoon tea selection, I’ve fallen a little more in love with the bakery. The combination of raspberry jam between buttery cookies topped with almond icing is just perfect.

Butter takes butter to a whole other level.

Butter Baked Goods
4907 Mackenzie Street
Vancouver BC

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