Cluck Clucks


When it comes to chicken & waffles, there aren’t many places that compare to Roscoe’s in Los Angeles. But Cluck Clucks in Toronto is a pretty close second. Roscoe’s and Cluck Clucks season their chicken differently, but they are equally crispy, crunchy and juicy, and neither are breaded. And the waffles at both places strike that perfect balance of chewy yet fluffy.

Roscoe’s is a little more traditional, with sides like collards, red beans and sweet potato pie, whereas Cluck Clucks serves up fries and a variety of sauces like chipotle aioli and dill mayo. I’m partial to collards, but really, it’s the chicken and waffles that matter most.

After a very stressful move to Toronto, we just wanted some good food, and a quick Google search of the neighborhood led us to Cluck Clucks. Google did not fail us – we left happy and full.

Cluck Clucks
222 The Esplanade
Toronto ON


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