Brunch Two Ways


Anyone who knows me knows that Mediterranean-inspired Café Medina in Vancouver is my favourite place for breakfast or brunch. I’m notorious for getting to work late because I’ve gotten off the train during rush hour to grab a waffle to go. On a cold and cloudy winter morning, there’s no better way to warm up than with a liege waffle + raspberry caramel and a short-rib fricassee topped with runny eggs and Applewood smoked cheddar. And on a sunny summer morning, there’s nothing better than a soft-boiled egg + avocado + a marinated tomato salad.


Sometimes, however, there isn’t anything like a simple bacon-and-eggs brunch. In Windsor, our favourite place for that is Paul’s Kitchen. It’s a tiny spot, so wait times can be a little insane. You won’t regret it though. I love their French toast, pancakes and waffles, but the best part is the hashbrowns. My favourite hashbrowns are the ones where the potatoes are boiled, then shredded up, then fried so that they are perfectly crispy, and Paul’s Kitchen hashbrowns are exactly that. With a little bit of hot sauce, I could eat an entire plate of them and not even regret it for one second.


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