Starbucks, Skittles and a Wedding


We were in Vancouver for five days last week, but it felt more like two. It was a busy five days. The first few days were spent at various coffee shops around the city trying to pump out papers while trying to squeeze family and Stella time and last minute errands in between, followed by a beautiful wedding where we witnessed two of my best friends get married.


In between all that, we found time for egg rolls and honey garlic spareribs, an open house, naan, butter chicken and butter daal, a Marble Slab ice cream cake, and a bubble tea night. And to pass the time on the plane, an English toffee caramel apple and a bag of Skittles.


See you at Christmas, Vancouver.

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  1. kraft says:

    Aww.. Love you! Don’t remember if I said it but I’m so honored to have you as one of my closest friends and to come all that way just to share the special day

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