Home is Balance


Coming home after being away for school wasn’t what I expected. The plan was to get caught up on sleep, go on forest adventures with Stella, hang out by the pool, and of course, eat. And that’s exactly what I did for the first few weeks I was home. But then I got really bored. And I realized that what I was really craving was balance. I’ve since been fortunate enough to be given a job that keeps me busy and feeling productive, and still leaves plenty of time for Stella, my shelter puppies and the abundance of restaurants Vancouver is blessed with.


One of my favourite recent discoveries is The Juicery Co. in North Vancouver – a cold-pressed, organic juice and nut milk shop in Lower Lonsdale, near the Quay. Stella and I are in North Vancouver a lot – Lynn Canyon and Mosquito Creek are some of our favourite trails – and The Juicery Co. makes for the perfect pit stop just before heading home. My favourite juices are the spicy lemonade (Citrus Three: lemon, cayenne, ginger, apple, alkaline water) and Roots One (beet, red apple, lemon, ginger, fennel). I’ll be honest, I’ve never tasted a green juice I actually liked – I just drink it because it’s good for you – but The Juicery’s Greens One is actually not that bad. And their pear almond milk (cold-pressed raw sprouted almonds, sea salt, pear, vanilla bean, cinnamon, filtered water)  is heaven. I’ll drink a greens one and reward myself with an almond milk – the almond milk is that good.

The Juicery Co.
254 East 1st
North Vancouver BC

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