Pancakes and Friends

Apart from exams, I’m officially done my first year of law school and I’m one giant mess of emotions. One minute I’ve never been happier and I’m weepy and wistful, the next. On the one hand, I’m wishing I was home in Vancouver where the magnolias are in full bloom and on the other, I want to go back to the snowy nightmare that was this past December.

One of my favourite moments this year was brunch on the Saturday before our property exam. It was snowing pretty heavily, and there was a point where I actually questioned if we were going to safely make the five minute cab ride to Rock Bottom.



Rock Bottom quickly became one of our go-to spots for that much-needed drink after a long week. Or day. And since that snowy Saturday, it’s also become a go-to brunch spot: the pancakes are always fluffy (I recommend chocolate chip and/or banana walnut), eggs perfectly poached, and bacon crisp just the way I like it.

I honestly can’t believe first year is all but over, and while I’m excited to move forward, I can’t help but hang onto what first year has become. I’m going to miss it, but thankfully Rock Bottom’s pancakes aren’t going anywhere just yet. Well, fingers crossed.

Rock Bottom Bar & Grill
3236 Sandwich Street
Windsor ON

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