photo 40

I just love Nutella; I think it’s one of the best things ever created. Nutella + strawberries, Nutella on crepes, Nutella melted over vanilla ice cream, Nutella on buttered filone toast…I could go on. But during the last couple weeks, I had two of the greatest things: Nutella cheesecake at Motor Burger and Nutella pizza at Vito’s Pizzeria.

The former was not your average slice of cheesecake. It was somewhat deconstructed – a cream cheese base topped with whipped Nutella and whipped cream. And it was heaven in a little jar.

The latter was gooey Nutella sandwiched between thin wood-fire pizza crust, roughly cut and topped with more chocolate and powdered sugar.

photo 36

Well done, Windsor.


Motor Burger
888 Erie Street E
Windsor  ON

Vito’s Pizzeria
1731 Wyandotte Street E
Windsor ON



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