Home is Party Dresses & Bûche de Noël


I always look forward to dinner at my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve – the party dresses and the desserts are my favourite. There is always way too much food, some sort of wii tournament going on, and puppies skidding across the living room hardwood. This year, Stella wore a little ruffled and polka-dotted number that came off the second the puppies got their presents and things got rowdy.


Dessert is the best part – unlike the turkey, it never gets messed up, and for some reason everyone feels like they need to bring dessert. My mom always brings leche flan (my grandma’s recipe – basically a very, very creamy crème caramel) as well as bûches de noël from Thomas Haas, our favourite patisserie in Vancouver. This year, my mom ordered tiramisu as well as pear caramel. Pear caramel is definitely my new favourite. It’s got everything I love: chocolate mousse, poached pears, and a caramel cream – a perfect balance of sweet and bitter. And perfect with a glass of Joie Riesling.


Christmas Eve is probably the most chaotic night of the year, and I absolutely love it.

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