Bacon Cupcakes


Bacon is not something you’d typically associate with cupcakes. Neither is King Kong or a Buffalo wing. Typically,  you’d think vanilla or chocolate and pastel buttercream, much like the ones you’d find at Butter. But apparently, things are changing.

Mancakes is located right next door to our favourite ramen place, Jinya Ramen Bar downtown, so when we were there for lunch a few days ago, there was no way I was leaving without trying a bacon cupcake.


The first cupcake that caught my eye was one called “Chicago”, topped with bright orange frosting and popcorn, and as I suspected, it was their take on the Garrett’s Popcorn “Chicago Mix” – cheddar and caramel popcorn. I obviously had to try that one, along with King Kong (chocolate + banana cream + espresso frosting), Apple Brie, Bacon Chili Chocolate, and Breakfast (vanilla + bacon & egg custard + maple syrup frosting). Chicago was definitely the winner, with Breakfast and King Kong tied for second.


ManCakes Bakery
288 Robson Street
Vancouver BC

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