Girls Night at The City Grill


A week ago tomorrow, we had a memo due, and let me tell you, it was…something. I had plenty of time to work on it, but in typical Denise fashion, it didn’t get done ‘til Sunday night. I don’t do well with planning ahead. This reminds me of when I somehow ended up on the prom committee in highschool. What a nightmare. Planning ahead for a foodie weekend in LA, however, is a whole other story, but more on that in another post.



After the memo, we decided we needed a girls night complete with high heels, good food, and drinks. So on Friday, we went to The City Grill. It was my first time there, and I was pleasantly surprised. The menu was a little on the trendy side, which is sometimes a problem, but everything we ordered was great. I had the duck confit ravioli, which I was a little unsure about at first, just because duck confit is one of my favourite things and I always end up comparing it to the duck confit at Le Faux Bourgeois. It ended up being really, really good. The best part of the dish were the cranberries – little much-needed gems of sweetness. Others had the flight of lobster and the seafood paella, and all enjoyed their dishes.

Then came dessert. I had what they called a salted caramel chocolate “volcano” cake (basically a molten chocolate cake topped with salted caramel), and others had crème brulee cheesecake and peanut butter Bavarian chocolate cake.


It was a good night.

The City Grill
375 Ouellette Ave
Windsor ON

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