Contracts & Caramels


Against my better judgment, I decided to study in my room today. On my bed. This isn’t atypical behaviour on my part – it actually is very much typical and usually works out just fine. What’s concerning about it this time, though, is that exams are literally around the corner and my focus is nowhere to be found. And my room, which contains more Oreos and chocolate than any room ever should, does absolutely nothing to help the situation. Today after lunch, most people headed off to the library while I headed back to my cozy duvet. I promise you I had the best of intentions, but sometimes, clearly, even the best intentions aren’t enough. However, looking on the bright side of things, I did get a fair amount of contracts done with – this is the bright side – a side of salted butter caramels that my mother sent me all the way from Beta5 Chocolates in Vancouver. I just love my mother. Salted butter caramels + a Boscia mask + chia seeds = the perfect sustenance. Only my mother would know that that’s what I need right at this moment.

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