Mellow Memories

I had been doing a very good job on my readings today, managing to read four cases in a row after class. I had dinner – yummy, spicy Chinese take-out – and had just settled back into reading when I came across the word “Tantalus” in an article about equality. The word “Tantalus” made me think of my favourite dessert place as a child – Death by Chocolate. I’m pretty sure there was a dessert there called Tantalus. I never had it. I always got either Mellow Memories (basically a baked Alaska with vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and café au lait ice cream) or Twin Peaks (chocolate chocolate chip ice cream shaped to look like twin peaks – I think one was supposed to be Whistler, the other Blackcomb –  with white chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and crumbled up meringue). My brother always got this really cute one…I don’t remember what it was called so I’ll just describe it: it was their only dessert that was actually meant for children,  so it was this little alien made out of ice cream and chocolate and caramelized bananas. I’m pretty sure I single-handedly kept that company afloat with my giant sweet-tooth because they closed down not long after I discovered True Confections.

Anyway, that is all. Thank you for joining me on my trip down memory lane. I don’t have pictures, unfortunately, but here is a photo of my latest obsession: cherry cake Timbits.


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