How is it Already Sunday?

It’s Sunday night here on the east coast and I’m sitting in bed wondering where the weekend went. I wish I could say that the weekend was taken up by some weekend trip or, at the very least, productively spent at the library powering through contracts. My weekend saw neither. Apart from a great night at Rock Bottom (I feel like I’m in love with that place already), I have no idea what I did with my weekend. I’m really good at wasting time. But it’s not like I sit around doing absolutely nothing – I’m always doing something, it’s just that it’s rarely productive. It’s a great skill to have when starting law school.


This morning, for example, I was up really early. Don’t ask me why, but I was, and what did I do? I ate Cheerios out of the box, scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed at least 10 times, tried to live stream my church service until I realized Windsor is three hours ahead of Vancouver, and ended up perusing the Aritzia and Nordstrom websites until lunchtime, deliberately avoiding any eye contact with the Property textbook sitting just to the right of my computer.

I promised myself I would be more productive next weekend, so I was going to cruise contentedly into Monday. But then I locked myself out of my room. It was the most rattling thing to happen to me all weekend. And to all the people who had a bet going on how long before I locked myself out, I lasted longer than you all thought so you all can just go away.

This is a bit of a negative post, so I’ll leave you with something pretty: sweet little limited-edition mooncakes from Soirette Macarons & Tea in Vancouver for the lunar festival this weekend.


Soirette Macarons & Tea
1433 W Pender Street
Vancouver BC


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