Red Pepper Hummus & Amaretto Sours in Windsor


Before coming out to Windsor, I’ll be completely honest: I was terrified of the food situation. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as I was expecting. There are a few restaurants/pubs in an area west of the Ambassador Bridge called Sandwich Towne that serve good food and drinks. Sandwich Towne reminds me of Vancouver’s Gastown, only not nearly as gentrified. I haven’t yet come across restaurants like Pidgin or L’Abbatoir (my two favourite Gastown restaurants), but Rock Bottom, a pub we’ve been to a couple times in the last week, does a really good amaretto sour as well as a very yummy, and very garlicky red pepper hummus. And just a five-minute walk from my residence building is a place called the Bean’s Ladle, which we tried for our first lunch here. It was a hot day, but I decided to have fried shrimp and fries. It was greasy in the best way possible. Others had chili and a grilled chicken pita. Pretty basic food, but food that was done well. I would kill for Campagnolo’s octopus salad right now, though.

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