Broken A/Cs and a Heat Wave


After a week of Academic Orientation interspersed with Social Orientation events almost every night, I was looking forward to starting class and settling into a routine. That didn’t happen. Three out of five days of my first official week of school were cancelled because of excessive heat. Temperatures hit about 40 degrees, the air conditioners are broken all over campus, the maintenance people are on strike, and the external workers the university tries to hire don’t want to cross picket lines. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to clean out the school’s supply of Smart Water while losing about 15 pounds in water weight.

Class finally resumed today, and I had my very first Property Law class. I really like my professor, and as dry as the material is, I kind of actually enjoy it. My Contracts class (which I had on Tuesday morning) is terrifying because the professor uses the Socratic Method and makes an example of you if you come in late. It’s an 8:30AM class.

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  1. sonatano1 says:

    Every one of my professors uses the Socratic method, though some are more strict with it than others. It can be scary to get put on the spot, especially when you think you’ve done the reading but realize there’s a lot you missed.

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