Caneles at the Farmers Market


Exactly one week today, I will wheel two overweight suitcases into YVR, get onto a plane, and bid Vancouver goodbye. There’s a lot that I’ll miss about Vancouver: Lynn Canyon and Kits Beach walks with my mom and Stella, farmers market runs with the family, super spicy chili wontons, fish & chips with the family at Pajo’s, spicy salmon sashimi and Pinkberry with friends, some of the best bakeries and patisseries I’ve been to, and oddly enough, grocery shopping with my dad and brother on a Friday night.


This morning we took Stella for a walk at Trout Lake, one of our favourite places, and stopped at the farmers market. It’s likely my last visit to my favourite farmers market for a long time, so I made sure to pick up my favourites, including caneles de Bordeaux. The caneles at the Vancouver farmers markets are made by French Made Baking, and are all sorts of amazing (you’ll have to try their fondant au chocolate as well!) . Often, I’ll get caneles from Thierry, just for the sake of convenience, but French Made Baking’s are, in my opinion, the better of the two. And probably the best in Vancouver. They are deeply caramelized on the outside without being the slightest bit burnt, and incredibly creamy on the inside. I’m so glad they were at the farmers market today.


French Made Baking
81 Kingsway
Vancouver BC

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  1. koolimut says:

    Where are you off to? Is Stella staying with your mom?

    1. Denise Alba says:

      I’m moving to Windsor, Ontario for school! Yes, Stella will be staying with my mom (and dad and brother haha), which is good because she’s very comfortable around them all. I’ll be home for Christmas this year though 🙂

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