Fondue for Two


Two of my favourite things are chocolate and cheese, and one of my favourite ways to enjoy both in the same meal is fondue. My cousin took me out to Capstone Tea & Fondue last week, where we indulged in both chocolate and cheese fondue with an array of pastries, fruit, and veggies. I particularly like the toppings that you can get with the chocolate fondue, which can include toffee bits, sprinkles, coconut, and chopped almonds. Strawberries dipped in chocolate and toffee bits are kind of amazing. You can also get ice cream  to dip in the chocolate, which we love (and in particular, cookies & cream dipped in chocolate with sprinkles).


While the chocolate is amazing, however, I’m still partial to savoury fondues, and in particular, a traditional Swiss cheese one, which is what they serve at Capstone. The rich, gooey Swiss cheese is just perfect with green apples, cherry tomatoes, and French bread.

Capstone Tea & Fondue
1429 Robson Street
Vancouver BC

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