Stella & Surgery


Yesterday, my pup Stella went in for some minor surgery. A little while a go, a little growth appeared on Stella’s outer lip, and after some online research, we decided to give it a couple weeks to subside, as all signs pointed to it being a simple wart. But three weeks later, it’s continued to grow, so today, we brought her to the vet who told us that it had to be removed. She said that three weeks was the cut-off mark: if by week three it hadn’t shrunken, fallen off, or if it hadn’t changed, it should be removed. It was a relatively minor procedure, but with French Bulldogs, and particularly Stella, anything could happen. She had to be sedated, which was worrying because she has not reacted well to sedation and general anaesthesia in the past. I’m really glad we go to a clinic (Healing Paws, Port Moody BC) that is extremely familiar and quite expert when it comes French Bulldogs. They are aware of sensitivities of the breed, especially the breathing issues (due to elongated soft palates, narrow tracheas etc.) that can be exacerbated under sedation or general anaesthesia. I particularly like that they practice both conventional and holistic treatment, which I find works well for French Bulldogs, and other sensitive dogs.


My mom accompanied me to Stella’s vet appointment that morning, which was good because we were able to keep eachother from freaking out too much while Stella was in surgery. We attempted to have lunch at Caffe Divano next door while waiting (the procedure itself was only about 15 minutes), but for the first time, the Mediterranean quinoa salad and panini were quite blah – two things that under different circumstances, we  would fully enjoy. We finally decided that eating wasn’t going to happen, so we just headed back over to Healing Paws to wait for the pup to wake up from sedation.


She was still very groggy when the doctor gave us the go-ahead to take her home, but in typical Stella style she had to go and do something unexpected and hilarious. Backstory: every time we go to the vet, Stella gets a walk at nearby Rocky Point park afterward as a reward. Yesterday, we figured that since she had just come out of surgery and was still so obviously groggy, we would just go straight home and let her rest up. Stella did not agree: we were about 2 minutes from Rocky Point, and she sat up in her carseat, sniffing the air. When we passed Rocky Point, she let out the biggest whine we had ever heard. We turned back because she apparently needed to see Rocky Point. She could barely walk, but whined whenever we picked her up. Finally she relented and let us carry her around the park and back to the car.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Awww… hope Stella is all better now!

    1. Denise Alba says:

      Thanks! She’s getting back to her trouble-making self 😉

  2. Neil says:

    I have a Frenchie named Stella too, I hope she feels better soon.

    1. Denise Alba says:

      Thanks, Neil! Stella is a perfect name for a Frenchie 🙂

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