Joie de Vivre


I think it’s safe to say that most people live hectic, chaotic, and crazy lives. And I am no exception. I think it’s why small, quiet coffee shops make me so happy. They are little safe havens, so to speak, that I can run to, and find a little peace and quiet all to myself. It doesn’t even matter if I’m speed-reading through an article that should have been read yesterday, writing a paper, reading a magazine, or just people watching – as long as I’ve got my ipod, a hot chocolate, and a seat at a little table by the window, I’m happy.

Stumbling upon newly-opened Cafe Joie then, was such a happy moment. It’s a perfectly bright and simple space, clean white cups and saucers for hot drinks, mason jars for cold ones, and I’ve been twice in the last two days. Both times I sat outside with Stella, enjoying panini and macarons – she likes to people watch too.


Cafe Joie’s opening was a total godsend, especially since I’ll need somewhere quiet to power through the million pages of pre-orientation readings I need to do. I didn’t expect to be jumping back into school mid-August, but it’s nothing a little Cafe Joie can’t fix.


Cafe Joie
110 – 6125 Sussex Avenue
Burnaby BC

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