Afternoon Tea at La Cuisson


This past Friday, my mom and I took Stella for a walk at Pacific Spirit Park. After walking for about an hour and a half, we worked up quite an appetite, and were really happy that we had afternoon tea planned with some family friends at La Cuisson in Kerrisdale. My mom and I love high tea simply because it’s three tiers of all kinds of little sandwiches and pastries. And because it’s adorable.

This was our first time at La Cuisson – typically, we go to The Secret Garden Tea Company, also in Kerrisdale – but since we had Stella with us, we thought it would be nice to try La Cuisson because it had a patio. And what a great little patio it was – quiet and cozy, located in a little plaza tucked away from the craziness of that West 41st & West Boulevard intersection.


Despite my love for high tea, I don’t actually like tea, so when choosing one, I always tend toward the fruitiest of the selection (Wild Berry at La Cuisson, Blue Angel or Strawberry Kiwi at Secret Garden). My mom chose a very sweet-smelling caramel earl grey, and our friends had siphon coffee in place of tea.


Of all the tea sandwiches I’ve sampled in my twenty-five years, I have to say my favourites were from La Cuisson: the tuna & cucumber on little croissants, and surprisingly, the teeny tiny egg salad sandwiches, in particular. They weren’t necessarily your traditional tea sandwiches, but sometimes a break from tradition is nice. As for the pastries, they all tasted good and were well-made, but nothing really stood out. There was this one pastry that my mom liked – puff pastry with almonds and a sort of meringue – but to me, it was just a sub-par version of a sacristain. And for scones and devon cream, I’d still go with Secret Garden.

I didn’t fall in love with the pastries, but I did fall in love with the experience. I loved that Stella was able to join in, I loved the quiet and cozy, and I loved the sandwiches. I guess Aristotle knew a thing or two when he said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


La Cuisson Cafe
2050 West 41st Avenue
Vancouver BC

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