Family Weekend: Monday


And the weekend with family continues: today we met up with some friends at Westminster Quay, a place I hadn’t been to in years – not since my brother and I were kids. The Boathouse, a great seafood restaurant at the quay, was a spot my family frequented because cooking was neither of my parents’ forte, so seeing it today brought back some great memories. I can remember walking to and from the restaurant and parking lot, shivering in my Uggs, because my parents decided we were having seafood in the dead of winter. I’m not sure why, but seafood, to me, is summer food. I never understood the decision to eat it in February, but really, that was neither here nor there once the warm crab & artichoke dip was set in front of me.



Today took us to Westminster Quay’s River Market for Thai food and southern barbeque. My brother and dad had ribs and pulled pork from Re-up (unlike their foodcart downtown, their stall here offers a wider menu, including ribs, brisket, fried chicken and gravy, among others), which they both enjoyed. My mom, our friends, and I had Thai from Longtail Kitchen: really great pad thai, lingcod & mussels in turmeric curry, and a coconut & galangal seafood soup. We also tried their chicken wings, which were incredibly crunchy, but not nearly as flavourful as Phnom Penh’s, and my mom fell in love with their pandan-lemongrass water. Everything was really tasty; we’ll be back for sure.


And as if that wasn’t enough food, I grabbed a chocolate “Mexican concha” – a type of Mexican sweet bread topped with a sugary topping resembling a concha (seashell), from Pamola Bakery.

And for dinner tonight, poblano tamales.

River Market at Westminster Quay
810 Quayside Drive
New Westminster BC

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