Stella’s Morning

Stella was bored the second she woke up, and she definitely let everyone know. Just before 8am, I could already feel the humidity setting in, so I was hoping she wouldn’t ask for a walk. But she did. So after breakfast, we took a mini walk around the neighborhood (and I made sure to bring a bottle of water for her). French Bulldogs often have trouble regulating their own temperatures so you have to do it for them. Heatstroke is not an uncommon experience for dogs in general, but particularly French Bulldogs. They have thicker palettes and narrower tracheas, so swelling due to heat could easily result in death. It’s important to always have water on hand, ventilation and shade easily accessible. Stella, for example, will run for days, and will only stop when she’s dangerously tired and hot. When we’re at a park, she’ll sometimes stop at a bench and ask to be lifted onto it, but when another dog or a bird or child catches her attention, she’s off and running, forgetting the much-needed breather. I often have to physically pick her up and carry her to a shaded area, where she can drink some water and calm down.  When we got home from our walk, I carried her straight to the bathroom where she soaked in some lukewarm water in the tub to cool off, and afterward just hung out in the shade outside the front door.




What a day.

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