Summer Perks: Farmers Markets & Watermelon Juice


Summer is not my favourite season; in fact, if not for the fact that summer means not having to worry about icy roads, I don’t think I would miss it all that much. Winter is my favourite for a number of reasons, most importantly big chunky sweaters and scarves, snowy duvet mornings, and Thomas Haas hot chocolate (it just doesn’t taste the same in the summer). One of the only things summer’s got on winter is the farmers market. In Vancouver, there is a Winter Farmers Market at the Nat Bailey Stadium, but much like hot chocolate in 27 degree weather, Earnest Ice Cream sandwiches just aren’t the same in 0 degrees and snow.


I love farmers markets. The one at Trout Lake in particular is our favourite, and not just because Stella always has the best time at the lake. Vancouver farmers markets always seem to be busy and crowded, but I feel like the one at Trout Lake always has a great selection, is the perfect size, and isn’t nearly as squishy as say, the Kitsilano one. There are always lots to see and taste; today, for example, saw the brightest and sweetest baby bell peppers, purple carrots, fiddleheads, artisan cheeses, and edible flowers, among others. I couldn’t leave without a crepe, raspberries, some kale, and a bag of sweet baby bells.

And since we’re sort of on the topic, another thing about summer is watermelon juice. Watermelon as a fruit is borderline repulsive to me – it’s got this weird foamy texture that I just cannot get past – but as a juice, it’s pretty yummy. The Juice Box, a local Vancouver company, does cold-pressed 100% organic watermelon juice in the summertime, and it’s a little glass bottle of pink perfection. They also do a great apple-lemon-ginger, orange-cucumber, and one they call “light green” (apple, kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger). They deliver if you’re in the Vancouver/West Vancouver area, have pick-up option if you’re not, and if you don’t want to place a multiple-bottle order, Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe usually has a couple flavours in their fridge everyday.


Trout Lake Farmers Market
North Lot of John Hendry Park
Vancouver BC

Beacoup Bakery & Cafe
2150 Fir Street
Vancouver BC

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