Ice Cream Sandwiches Take Five: Beta5


Showing no signs of slowing down, my ice cream sandwich tasting took me back to Beta5 Chocolates, this time for dark chocolate raspberry and black forest. As expected, they were both fantastic, but if I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be dark chocolate raspberry: two thin, dark chocolate cookies sandwiching pink raspberry ice cream with bits of frozen raspberry throughout. Thank god I bought two of each, because they were all sorts of amazing.


I don’t particularly like black forest cakes, but as an ice cream sandwich, I was intrigued. So I bought a couple of them as well. Cherries are not my favourite, and I avoid them as much as possible (when I make a clafoutis I’ll put in almost any fruit except cherries), so it was a surprise to me when I took a bite and didn’t gag on the kirsch-soaked cherries.

So far, Beta5 Chocolates’ ice cream sandwiches have been my favourites. Next up, ones from either Chocolate Arts or Butter Baked Goods.



Beta5 Chocolates
413 Industrial Avenue
Vancouver BC

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