Ice Cream Sandwiches take two: Mint Chip


I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream sandwiches lately – not really unusual I guess, given the warm-ish weather and my giant sweet tooth. What I didn’t expect was to try (and fall in love with) a mint chocolate chip version. It was another one of Beta5 Chocolates’ amazing creations: pale, earthy green mint ice cream with delicate chocolate shavings sandwiched between two buttery, dark chocolate shortbread cookies. They are doing a different flavour every week- so far they’ve done strawberry-elderflower and banana & peanut praline – and they tend to sell out pretty quick, so if you have a craving, don’t wait.

Last summer I was slightly addicted to macarons – I think I tried most (if not all) of what Vancouver has to offer, from Thomas Haas to Soirette, buttered popcorn ones made by Mark Tagulao (Edible Mark), tea infused ones at The Urban Tea Merchant, and everything in between. This summer, it’s all about the ice cream sandwich. I’m dying to try ones from Brown Paper Packages.


Beta5 Chocolates
413 Industrial Avenue
Vancouver BC

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