Father’s Day


A belated happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! Father’s Day…or rather, Father’s Day weekend in the Alba household saw a lot of good food, including desserts-in-a-jar from Beta5 Chocolates (strawberry-rhubarb and black & tan),  as well as shrimp and salmon from the Steveston Fish Market (steamed and grilled, respectively). And since we were there, no one could resist fish & chips and chowder for lunch at Pajo’s.

Before heading over to the Steveston Fish Market, which is essentially a congregation of local fishermen selling freshly caught seafood right off their boats, we took Stella for a walk at Garry Point, as it seems to be one of her favourite places. There is a long stretch of beach that she loves just as much as the grassy field where kites are being flown. And after my parents loaded up on fresh seafood,  we sat down for some fish & chips. My brother and I always get halibut; my mom and dad prefer cod. Either way, the grease, the crunch, the delicate white fish and fries doused in vinegar (which I always choose over lemon or tartar sauce) were all sorts of amazing.


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