Stella, a canyon & lemon cupcakes


When the weather turns nice, there are few places I’d rather be than the North Shore. There is just so much nature to be taken in – crystal waters and boulders, massive pines and bald eagles – and Lynn Canyon, where Stella and I, along with family and some friends, spent the better part of Saturday morning, gives a little snippet of this.


I’d never considered myself particularly outdoorsy (and still don’t, to an extent), but there’s no possible way you can’t appreciate and enjoy this sort of majesty. I think we often get caught up in our own little worlds – work, chores, personal drama, the list goes on – so for me, at least, it’s nice to get out and experience something much bigger. Just breathing in that pine-scented air and watching Stella bounce in and out of the water, I can literally feel the stresses of the past week falling away. It’s fantastic and one of the things I’ll miss most about British Columbia – along with the perfectly tart lemon-curd-filled cupcakes from The Valley Bakery.


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