Save On Meats


Last weekend, some friends and I had brunch at Save On Meats for lunch. Initially, we had planned on a Café Medina brunch, but the wait was a little crazy (not unusual, though) so we decided to try Save On Meats instead. A little trip to L.A. a few years ago turned me into a bit of chicken & waffles junkie, so I was intrigued by the chicken & waffles on the menu, and particularly the jalapeno-lime butter. Unfortunately, it was not great. The chicken tasted like it was breaded, the waffles were dry and tough, and the jalapeno-lime butter had a weird perfume-y quality. And the orange juice was lukewarm.

I really wanted to like Save On Meats, so I thought I’d give the deli/restaurant another go, thinking I maybe just didn’t order the right things. I’ve since been back and split an eggs benny and mac ‘n cheese with a friend, and tried another friend’s reuben. I wasn’t anticipating liking the reuben because I don’t particularly like sauerkraut, but I was anticipating enjoying the eggs benny and mac ‘n cheese. Sadly, both weren’t great. I will say that the Coke float was pretty legit, though.

Save On Meats
43 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC

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