Pandan Popsicles


Green is a great colour; I like it a lot. Limes are green, kale is green, avocados are green, pesto is green, and generally it’s good to go green. And pandan, a plant used a lot in Southeast Asian cooking (often alongside coconut), is green.

That said, I will very rarely pick up green candy, green ice cream or green popsicles, because in these cases, green usually indicates mint or fake lime or green apple flavour. But recently some friends brought some green popsicles from a little Vietnamese deli in Vancouver. They were a very pale green, and flavoured with coconut and pandan. I was in heaven.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Do you happen to know where this Vietnamese Deli in Vancouver is? I have been looking for these forever!

    1. Denise Alba says:

      Not off hand, but I’ll find out!

    2. Denise Alba says:

      Kingsway Deli at 1188 Kingsway!

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