Black Rook Bakehouse

In the Grandview/Woodlands area of east Vancouver is a bakery called Black Rook Bakehouse. Everything is made from scratch, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. A plus is that it’s just a couple stores down from Long Live Cats and Dogs which carries a lot of the good raw food brands like Natural Instincts. Stella loves the cat there…although I’m not sure the feeling is mutual.

Anyway, getting back to Black Rook, they make some of the best pies I’ve tasted, my particular favourites being the coconut cream and Dutch apple pies. For a traditional apple pie, I think I’d still go to Savary Island Pie Company, but the Dutch apple pie is really good, with a lot of apple, liberally topped with a sugary crumble. The coconut cream pie is just as great, with its perfectly sweet and very coconut-y custard.

We also have to talk about their savoury pies. My mom loves the beef brisket & stout pot pie, and my dad, being a little more traditional, loves the chicken pot pie. Both are fantastic, with flaky, buttery crusts and generously filled with chicken and beef. However, I am partial to the quiches, especially tarragon chicken and chicken with tomato and Gouda – both are creamy and flavourful, and not overwhelmed by an “eggy” flavour and texture that can sometimes be unpleasant.

Not only is the food great, but Black Rook Bakehouse has got a cute, open ambiance that would turn anyone’s bad day around. It’s also near The Red Wagon so if you’re already there trying the pulled pork pancakes, walk down the street afterward and pick up some pies (or a slice of cake which they also do amazingly) for dinner or dessert.

Black Rook Bakehouse
2141 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC

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