Thunder Bay: soft-serve, a pork chop, & mini golf


It’s been nearly a month since my last post, so we’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do. At the end of July I made my way back to Toronto, pit-stopped in Thunder Bay to see Adam, and I’ve eaten lots along the way.


My flight landed at exactly 6:49pm so we headed straight to dinner. Adam loves this restaurant called Montana’s and since I had never been, that’s where we went. It was your typical ribs and burgers place which was perfect because I was starving. We had “antojitos” to start, and I immediately fell in love. Antojitos don’t typically refer to a specific dish; rather, it’s a term that refers to “small bites” that you get at Mexican street markets. But at Montana’s, they roll cream cheese, onions, jalapenos and more cheese up in a tortilla and bake it so it turns into this cheesy, gooey, spicy “antojito”. I ate that up so fast there wasn’t even time for a picture.


Then before the movie (we saw Bad Moms), we stopped for soft-serve.


The next morning, we slept through breakfast, and tried our luck at a place called The Sovereign Room for lunch. They were closed. We ended up next door at the Foundry instead. We had nachos and the Blacksmith poutine which not only had super tender braised ox-tail, but came topped with a horseradish cream.


After lunch, we headed off in search of dessert, ending up at a bakery called Sweet Escapes for cupcakes.



Then, only a couple hours later, it was time for dinner at the Silver Birch with Adam’s family. We had a mushroom tart and pickerel wrapped in bacon to start (heaven), and naturally, I ordered an entrée I had no chance of ever finishing: a massive bone-in pork chop with cheddar mashed potatoes and a wild blueberry chutney. I made sure to leave room for a Saskatoon berry butter tart.


Finally, breakfast – bacon, waffles and cinnamon roll French toast – then mini golf, and then what I grew up calling “screamers”: an orange slushy with vanilla soft serve.

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