February Favourites


February is one of my favourite months. In a single month, we celebrate my mother’s birthday, a favourite’s birthday, our anniversary and Valentine’s Day. And on top of that, it’s peak parka and blanket scarf season. It’s a month of white hot chocolates and great food. What’s not to love?


We celebrated our anniversary at The Cook’s Shop. It’s an unassuming little spot, but the food is some of the best Italian fare you’ll ever have. The meal starts off with whole romaine leaves tossed in a garlicky Caesar dressing, and ends with a bunch of dessert options. We had the classic tiramisu and a banana cream torte. And in between all of that, pillow-soft gnocchi and some of the best lasagna I’d ever had.


And speaking of parka season, I practically lived in my parka when we headed up to Toronto two weekends ago, only taking it off so I wouldn’t get bratwurst, duck fat fries and Chipotle’s carnitas all over it.


And on one of the coldest and unhealthiest weekends ever, there was nothing like a sachettinni broth bowl at Panera to provide some warmth and some semblance of healthy.

Until next year, February.

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