BBQ x 2


When I woke up yesterday, I could not believe it was already November. October flew by, and I’m sure November will do the same. It will be Christmas before we know it. October was a great month – it saw minimal school and an unhealthy number of dinners out. Case in point: southern barbeque two nights in a row. On Sunday night, we went to Slows BBQ in Detroit, and on Monday night, Smoke & Spice in Windsor.

I’d been to Smoke & Spice a bunch of times, but it was my first time at Slows so we ordered all the baby back ribs, pulled pork, mac ‘n cheese, waffle fries, and banana pudding. My favourite sauce was the vinegary and spicy North Carolina, and I pretty much doused everything in it. And just as it should be, it was messy and salty and spicy and sweet all at once.


The banana pudding was the perfect ending – just the perfect amount of sweet and creamy.

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