Chicago in 48 Hours and 30, 000 Calories


Summer was a lot busier than I had wanted it to be. Work took up a lot of time and energy, and I was left feeling like I had completely missed out on summer. So with school starting up again, the weekend in Chicago was much-needed. Not museum people by any means, our weekend was almost entirely dedicated to food. We had a lot of ground to cover and food to consume.




So over the course of a single weekend, we feasted on both deep-dish and stuffed pizza, had waffles, crepes and duck confit hash in a single breakfast, took over a dozen selfies at Cloud Gate (aka the Bean), cursed the traffic, construction and the GPS, discovered Uber, watched a baseball game and ate nachos out of a helmet, fell in love with the prettiest cupcakes and the best banana pudding ever at Magnolia, and saw Chicago from 94 floors up. And we went to Garrett’s Popcorn twice.





I loved our entire weekend.


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